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    Moringa School is where:

    High-potential, pro-active students learn to code from a world-class curriculum with top quality
    instructors and mentors to support them in the process



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    "Moringa School puts a great deal of effort to prepare their students for the market place as software engineers. They have a problem solving approach that immerses the student into what it means to work as a team. It's a great school for aspiring developers as well as those looking to change careers."

    Graham Ingokho
    Developer Outreach, Africa's Talking

    "Learning to code has already been made easier for anyone joining Moringa School. The intensity of their curriculum provide the students with competitive skills ready for our evolving market technologies. I have never had any doubt to work with their graduates."

    Kevin W Rakama
    IT manager, Homeboyz Radio

    "Before Moringa School, we had no in-house capacity to do mobile app development. Within 3 months of joining our firm, their graduates had built, tested and deployed our first mobile application. Less than a year later, they had developed significant functionality into our tool that has translated into tangible business results."

    Karibu Nyaggah
    founder and CEO, caytree partners

    "Well grounded with learning and Hacker Mentality, Open Minded, Great Culture fits. Moringa School is our De-facto hiring source for modern day & astute world Class developers."

    Louis Wajeiya
    founder and CEO, Intellisoftplus

    " The Moringa students managed to learn and use technologies in 16 weeks that most web app developers would never get to in 5 years!"

    David Lemayian
    lead technologist, codeforafrica

    " What impressed me most about Moringa’s students was their boldness to take on the biggest, hardest challenges we had to offer, embracing completely unfamiliar technology in the process, and their dedication to putting in the time to understanding and overcoming whatever roadblocks got in their way. "

    Jason Eisen
    founder and CEO maramoja

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