This Has Been Our Journey So Far

  • 2014

    Moringa School was born out of the idea that the gap between the skill set needed in the industry and what a majority of the university graduate had was big. To fast track the learning and skills acquisition path, a software development bootcamp was born. The first class had 4 students

  • 2015

    In this year, we had immense growth, having graduated 30+ alumni in one year. We got to define our culture which magnified the outcome of Moringa School graduates.

  • 2016

    With 3 more classes running, we continued having strong graduates. This led to a positive spike in the application numbers that were as a result of referral. This was also the year we begun re-defining our Moringa School classroom experience.

  • 2017

    After spend the last 3 months of 2016 designing, testing and iterating the new classroom experience, we launched Moringa School 2.0. The first class, Moringa Core 1(one), went through a customised classroom experience that aimed at providing a workplace simulated environment. We introduced weekly independent projects governed by a strong code review metrics. Enforced pair programming and peer feedback/review.... you get the drift, we became amazing at what we do

  • 2018

    We have expanded to new geographical areas - Rwanda, Ghana, Pakistan. These satellite campuses were set-up through partnerships, giving us a chance to experiment and grow our learning model to meet the needs of these locales.

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