We don’t just admit individual students to our program; we curate a community, cultivating a diversity of thought and experience.

Application Process


Submit an online application form which after filling it will respond to your email with an automotic calender event to book an interview done at the campus or online for applicants who can't reach the school.

Admissions Interview

Chat with an Admissions Advisor. This is an opportunity for you to get to know us a little better. Nothing technical just a friendly conversation.

Technical Review

This applies to students who want to go straight to Moringa Core and have a programing background. They will be presented with a project which must be complited within 2 weeks upon recieveing it.

What we look for


Moringa School brings together people who see coding as a craft and want to be great at it, not just for their careers or as a means to an end, but as an end in and of itself.


Moringa students are smart. Aptitude for programming is up a knotch, this is by having the creativity and analytical ability that makes our students truly shine.

Culture Fit

Our culture is diverse to fit every indivudual so, we don’t admit students. We craft a class with more interesting things to accommodate everyone.

Start Coding Now

Let's Begin

Prep Start Date Location Status
PREP - February 4th to March 8th Nairobi Campus CLOSED
CORE - January 7th to April 19th Nairobi CLOSED
CORE - March 18th to June 28th Nairobi APPLICATION NOW OPEN
CORE - April 22nd to August 2nd Nairobi APPLICATION NOW OPEN
MPFT17 - March 11th to April 12th Nairobi APPLICATION NOW OPEN