SEO Marketing Associate

Job Title: SEO Marketing Associate

Department/Team: Marketing Team

Type of Contract: Full time

Job Location: Nairobi, Kenya (role includes some travel within and outside Kenya)

About Moringa School

Moringa School is transforming higher education in Africa, starting with software development. In our current program, we transform ambitious amateurs to coding professionals.

We are a premier advanced immersive program, training exceptional full-stack and mobile Software Engineers. Moringa School is currently expanding rapidly into other courses and geographies across Africa and is looking for top talent to accelerate our growth.

Moringa School was named one of the 'Top 10 Most Innovative Companies' in 2018 by Fast Company.

Our Mission

Moringa School's mission is twofold:

  • To empower people &
  • To transform education through rapid-iteration teaching.

Our Culture

Employees enjoy a fun, collegial startup environment, you will be surrounded by talented, friendly, brilliant, & mission-driven professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience of its kind in the world.

We are committed to employee health & wellness- we truly believe that you need to take care of yourself first. We understand the value in remote working & support it as needed.

Why we are Hiring for this Role

We are currently looking for is a SEO Marketing Associate who will be tasked with managing all search engine optimization and marketing activities for Moringa School, that is,

  • Development and implementation of content strategy
  • Link building and keyword strategy building.
  • Lead in increasing the number of visitors to the Moringa School Website and ensuring Moringa School obtains a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engines


  • Researching and implementing search engine optimization recommendations
  • Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization
  • Research and analyze competitor advertising links, keywords and SEO techniques
  • Work closely with fellow marketing team members to drive SEO in content creation and content programming
  • Being up-to-date with both white hat and black hat SEO strategies to avoid straying from search engine guidelines
  • Recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords
  • Developing and implementing link building strategies
  • Work with the Infrastructure team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code.
  • Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing.
  • Track, report, and analyze website analytics and PPC initiatives and campaigns.
  • Program in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to ensure the site is accessible and easy to follow and for increased interaction with visitors.
  • Employ user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization methods to turn visitors into more active users and to help improve website performance.

Key Competencies

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill
  • Ability to deliver results
  • Creative thinking ability
  • Strategic thinking ability
  • Problem identification and problem solving skills
  • Familiarization with Google analytics
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Familiarisation with search engines
  • Team Player


  • Proven SEO experience (Been active in a SEO role for the past 2 years is highly preferred)
  • Degree in Information Technology, Marketing, Business and Technology, Communications, and any other related field
  • Working experience of SEA/SEM is a plus
  • Certification in Google adwords and Google analytics
  • Proven SEM experience managing PPC campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing is a plus
  • Solid understanding of user journeys, user flows and intents , conversion, and online customer acquisition
  • Experience working in a tech background or a content publishing company
  • In-Depth experience with website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Schema markup, Moz, SEMrush and Ahrefs
  • Knowledge of ranking factors and search engine algorithms
  • 1 year + working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints
  • Ability to diagnose common technical issues and explaining their solutions coherently and ensuring that team members understand the recommendations.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO, SEA and SEM
  • Prior experience optimizing a website or websites (own project or for a company) with results to show is a plus
  • Experience in related fields to SEO such as UX, design, web development, social media management, conversion optimization, paid advertising, and email marketing is a plus.

Values Alignment: The Moringa Way

  • Embrace collaboration (working together to complete a task or achieve a goal)
  • Be bold (being daring and courageous)
  • Have humility (acting without pride or arrogance)
  • Celebrate accountability (taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes)
  • Have a growth mindset (believing that you and those around you have the potential to improve through intentional practice and feedback from others)
  • Be fun loving (enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way)

How Can You Apply?

  • You will need to email the following to Recruitment at joinus[at]
  • Your CV
  • A cover letter (answering 3 questions, why Moringa, why this position, why you)
  • Subject Line: Application for insert "role name", insert "full name"