Software Development Curriculum Lead

Job Title: Software Development Curriculum Lead

Department/Team: Learning Team

Type of Contract: 2+ years

Job Location: Nairobi

About Moringa School

Moringa School is transforming higher education in Africa, starting with software development. In our current program, we transform ambitious amateurs to coding professionals.

We are a premier advanced immersive program, training exceptional full-stack and mobile Software Engineers. Moringa School is currently expanding rapidly into other courses and geographies across Africa and is looking for top talent to accelerate our growth.

Moringa School was named one of the 'Top 10 Most Innovative Companies' in 2018 by Fast Company.

Our Mission

Moringa School's mission is twofold:

  • To empower people &
  • To transform education through rapid-iteration teaching.

Our Culture

Employees enjoy a fun, collegial startup environment, you will be surrounded by talented, friendly, brilliant, & mission-driven professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience of its kind in the world.

We are committed to employee health & wellness- we truly believe that you need to take care of yourself first. We understand the value in remote working & support it as needed.

Why We Are Hiring For This Role

Moringa School is a growth stage start-up. We are constantly iterating our model, our product offering & our target market. For instance, we are consistently launching new courses in existing markets. Our Learning, Classroom & Curriculum teams are expanding as we design new curriculum material & expand our student base.

Another example could be that we are testing our model in new geographies (from Ghana, West Africa to Pakistan, East Asia to Rwanda, East Africa). To this end, our marketing, growth & infrastructure teams are expanding to pilot these models.

In a nutshell, Moringa is growing in all capacities. More specifically, we are consistently looking for new talent to join our team.

We are looking for someone to deeply understand Moringa School’s current curriculum and identify areas of improvement, engage with existing partners and develop potential partnerships for collaborating on course creation, develop strategies for the software development curriculum the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and most importantly be a thought leader in the organization around education technology


  • Research on and build technological courses that work for students across Africa
  • Ensure that the curriculum creation process follows curriculum architecture and style guide documentation
  • Manage a team of curriculum engineers; this includes doing weekly 1:1 check-in, monthly 2×2 reviews, and performance reviews
  • Elicit, streamline, and implement feedback from both students and industry professionals to iterate on content
  • Proactively give and receive feedback, and be receptive to iteration in order to produce high-quality courses
  • Ensure that Moringa School has the right talent capacity at any one point to carry out curriculum creation and modification
  • Using Moringa course creation systems, define course objectives and design assessments that capture what it means for students to be successful
  • Conduct research on the job market to ensure that students learn relevant material

Requirements of the Role:

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field (preferred)
  • 3+ years of project management experience
  • 3+ years’ experience as a software engineer/ technical role
  • 3+ years in a technical writing role
  • Exposure to Blended Learning/Transformative Learning (preferred)
  • Excellent people manager with clear management/communication style
  • Experience approaching a problem using design thinking
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience using LMSs

Job Knowledge and Skills:

  • A background in learning & development in any form (teaching, curriculum development, etc)
  • A lifelong learner with a deep curiosity for how people learn best
  • Able to thrive on a diverse, globally distributed team
  • A doer who is self-motivated and proactive, obsessed with detail and quality, and personally offended by mediocrity
  • An innovator who is willing to try new ideas
  • A growth mindset and willingness to learn from failure
  • Solid analytical and critical thinking skills
  • A professional with extremely strong writing skills
  • Able to read, research and master new subject materials
  • Able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and adjust quickly to shifting priorities

Core Values:

  • Data Driven
  • Passionate
  • Professionalism
  • Strong and Open Communication
  • Community Driven

How Can You Apply?

  • You will need to email the following to Recruitment at joinus[at]
  • Your CV
  • A cover letter (answering 3 questions, why Moringa, why this position, why you)
  • Subject Line: Application for insert "role name", insert "full name"