New Product Analyst-Corporates

Job Title: New Product Analyst-Corporates

Department/Team: Business Development/Growth Team

Type of Contract: Full time

Job Location: Nairobi, Kenya (role includes some travel within and outside Kenya)

About Moringa School

Moringa School is transforming higher education in Africa, starting with software development. In our current program, we transform ambitious amateurs to coding professionals.

We are a premier advanced immersive program, training exceptional full-stack and mobile Software Engineers. Moringa School is currently expanding rapidly into other courses and geographies across Africa and is looking for top talent to accelerate our growth.

Moringa School was named one of the 'Top 10 Most Innovative Companies' in 2018 by Fast Company.

Our Mission

Moringa School's mission is twofold:

  • To empower people &
  • To transform education through rapid-iteration teaching.

Our Culture

Employees enjoy a fun, collegial startup environment, you will be surrounded by talented, friendly, brilliant, & mission-driven professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience of its kind in the world.

We are committed to employee health & wellness- we truly believe that you need to take care of yourself first. We understand the value in remote working & support it as needed.

Why we are Hiring for this Role

Moringa has recently completed an in-depth strategic planning process for 2019 that satisfies our growth trajectory needs to reach our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to train 200,000+ knowledge workers through market-driven education in emerging markets by 2030. We have identified our three major revenue drivers for the next year (scaling our current products, introducing new product lines, and expanding our target customers to include businesses, universities, and other non-consumer clients). We are looking for a resource that will help map out the corporate product offering with Moringa School. Looking holistically into the market and understanding the demand for a corporate related product through Moringa School. This product can range from trainings, content partnerships and many more.


Partner Engagement and Market Research

  • Develop a technical corporate training framework for partner acquisition and management
  • Identify key areas in which Moringa School should focus on from a corporate partnerships perspective
  • Conduct end to end analysis of potential corporate stakeholders targeting those that Moringa School can and should plug into
  • Understand the needs of different corporate partners and how they play into Moringa School’s expansion, competitive analysis, willingness to pay, lessons from past and current expansion projects
  • Use data to identify opportunities to engage with partners as well as to define segmentation and targeting strategies
  • Build and manage high partner relationships to ensure partner investment
  • Identify potential competitors or new entrants in the market to see how best to position ourselves in this space
  • Have informal touch points with corporates for research purposes, market research, landscape analysis


  • Create clear business cases/strategies for corporate training including the unique proposition within the system
  • Identify potential companies to target for this product
  • Build out a business model for corporate training and long-term strategy
  • Work with the Marketing team to design a strategy aimed at increasing the awareness of this new product

Product Visioning/Development

  • Define how this product look like, what are its features, scope etc
  • Provide key product insights that drive decision making based on partner needs
  • Identify, research, analyze and implement product initiatives
  • Conduct competitive analysis to provide information about activities of competitors

Product Management

  • Design and implement an external product experience containing the various relevant elements that make up Moringa School and ensures scalability
  • Lead analysis on product performance and adoption to drive business recommendations
  • Develop annual budgets and long-term plans and manage P&L for assigned segments of the product
  • Continuously monitor product performance, the competitive environment, and market changes so that you can increase product effectiveness and ultimately drive profitability
  • Contribute and make improvements to the entire Moringa School eco-system experience from a partners perspective with a focus on the product experience

Key Competencies

  • Product development
  • Financial modelling
  • Experimental mindset
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategy
  • Data Analysis


  • 2+ years of experience in a related role
  • Bachelor’s Degree, or current MBA preferred
  • Knowledge in product and project management of technology or data-related products experience is a plus
  • Experience in emerging markets is a plus
  • New product launch experience
  • Experience managing data
  • Firm grasp of product development frameworks and processes
  • Proven capability to influence and negotiate across cross functional teams
  • Ability to present program strategies, plans, and finished products to senior management and the Moringa School staff
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain high level partnerships
  • Deep curiosity and passion for startups
  • Proven self starter/entrepreneurial mindset

Values Alignment: The Moringa Way

Embrace collaboration (working together to complete a task or achieve a goal) Be bold (being daring and courageous) Have humility (acting without pride or arrogance) Celebrate accountability (taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes) Have a growth mindset (believing that you and those around you have the potential to improve through intentional practice and feedback from others) Be fun loving (enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way)

Career Growth & Development

We do not believe that an organization can grow without the growth & development of its staff. At Moringa, we are consistently building systems to invest in the growth of our employees. We are deeply invested in offering career growth within Moringa, provide actionable feedback through “weekly check-ins” & thorough career reviews. We will work together with you to craft roles that both support the needs of the organization and that you can be passionate about.

How Can You Apply?

  • You will need to email the following to Recruitment at joinus[at]
  • Your CV
  • A cover letter (answering 3 questions, why Moringa, why this position, why you)
  • Subject Line: Application for insert "role name", insert "full name"