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Corporate Training gives your team the skillsets they need to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Why Upskill Your Team?

Boost Productivity, Growth, and Retention

Minimize Hiring Costs and Promote Internally

Close the talent gap and stay ahead of the curve

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Frequent Asked Questions

How does Moringa create a Corporate Training?

At Moringa School, we give our students the curriculum they need to succeed in tech. For our corporate trainings, we work with your organization to:

  1. Assess your needs
  2. Tailor a customized curriculum
  3. Relevant to your company
  4. Deliver lessons that will get your workforce ahead of the competition

What outcomes can I expect for my team?

That depends on what you need. Our corporate trainees achieve fluency in software engineering from front-end to full-stack to mobile development. Let us know where your team is today and we’ll work with you to get your team ahead of the curve!

How many employees can you train?

We offer trainings by classroom, where one classroom can accommodate a maximum of 15 trainees. This is to make sure that each participant gets the attention they need to learn as much as possible. For pricing per classroom please contact us and we’ll continue the conversatioon.

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"What if we develop our people and then they leave us?"
"What if we don't and they stay?"