Mid-Level Software Development Masterclass:
A Deep Dive into The Fundamentals of React

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Course Overview

This course offers an opportunity to deep dive into one of the most impactful, widely-used & popular technologies in front-end software development i.e. React.

Anyone that is serious about building user interfaces needs React + Redux. Companies like Facebook, Spotify, Uber and Netflix trust the React framework for all their front-end development.

As a student of this masterclass, you will walk away with practical skills that you can apply in your workplace and add to your CV to get an even better job in software development.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this masterclass, you should be able to:

  1. Have a deep understanding of states, props and the lifecycle of React
  2. Bootstrap a new project with React, state management, routing and SASS
  3. Have a deep understanding of Redux paradigm and state management
  4. Create and maintain a fairly complex single page application built on top of React / Redux / Router / SCSS

Expert Mentor

Edoardo Biraghi is a Software Engineer with almost 10 yrs of tech based product development.

He currently leads the Infrastructure Team at Moringa School, a team dedicated to building customised in house process automation tools that scale geographically and within Kenya.

As an accomplished tech-prenuer with co-founder status in 6 start-ups he continues to provide solutions using tech. Prior to joining Moringa School, he was the Lead Software Engineer at BRCK (a product that powers the efforts of digitalisation of schools in Kenya).
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Course Overview

Topics Description
Fundamental of React:
  • JSX
  • Virtual DOM
  • States
  • Props
  • Lifecycles
  • scaffolding
Presentation by the expert followed by a brief mini project
State Management:
  • React’s states and Redux states.
A presentation by the expert on the topic followed by a brief mini project
Single Page Application:
  • Routing and connecting routes with Redux states.
A highly interactive session where the expert and students code together, with the expert taking the lead.
The expert explains each line of his code based on the topics 1 & 2
End to end authentication system and state
management with ACL (Access Control List),
aka permissions for users.
A short presentation followed by another intensive coding project


This Masterclass will enable you to:

  1. Understand the associated technologies and paradigms such as React native, Redux, React Router and Higher-Order components
  2. Build fairly complex applications using the above technologies and paradigms

Prerequisites (This masterclass is perfect for you if you have)

  • Practical knowledge on Javascript, CSS, and HTML is required
  • Basic knowledge of React is not required but is preferred
  • Former Moringa Core students are encouraged to apply

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8:30am - 6:00pm

Ksh 8,000
(Includes Lunch)

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